Biolectric UK

How Does It Work?

How Does It All Work?

Biolectric UK

  • The Biolectric biogas installation pumps a fixed quantity of digestate daily from the reactor to the digestate storage and replenishes the discharged volume with fresh slurry from the reception pit.
  • Biogas is formed in the reactor through anaerobic fermentation.
  • This gas is then purified and subsequently combusted in the engine, converting it to green energy
  • This energy can be exported to the grid as electricity or used on the farm, and excess heat can be used for washing down or other HW requirements on site.

How Much Electricity Can Be Generated?

Free Farm Electricity Biolectric UK

Installation Size Yearly production of electricity
11kW 88.000 kWh
22kW 176.000 kWh
33kW 264.000 kWh
44kW 352.000 kWh

Why Should You Consider Biolectric UK?

Free Electricity Biolectric UK

  • Free electricity
  • Free Heat Generation
  • PURCHASE Option available in sizes 11kWp - 52kWp
  • Diversification of income with PURCHASE option 
  • No Capital outlay required under FUNDED OPTION (only 52kWp systems)
  • FREE retention of equipment at the end of agreement (FUNDED OPTION).
  • Equipment is fully maintained during its lifetime 
  • Improved slurry quality giving a longer spreading season
  • Small Footprint requires less land
  • Environmental Benefits