• Earn 3p more on each litre of milk
    Turning cows slurry into electricity, heat and revenue
    Earn 3p more on each litre of milk
  • Earn 3p more on each litre of milk
    Turning cows slurry into electricity, heat and revenue
    Earn 3p more on each litre of milk

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Biolectric UK

Saving Energy Group is an authorised reseller of Biolectric micro AD plants in the UK by the official UK distributor Solcap Energy.

Biolectric, a Belgian companyare working together with Solcap Energy & the Saving Energy Group to market Biolectric Micro AD systems on farms across the United Kingdom. Saving Energy Group's role is to provide informative energy saving solutions to businesses and individuals and assist them where necessary with access to funding. Saving Energy Group's goal is to utilise government funding streams that are in place to help farms reduce their carbon footprint, and therefore their energy costs. We are helping farmers to understand the benefits and opportunities of installing a Biolectric Micro AD system on their farm.

Biolectric, and their UK distributer Solcap Energy, are working in cooperation with the Saving Energy Group to help identify dairy farms that would qualify for support.

Check to see if the system would be appropriate for your farm. 

Free electricity for farmers
You Invest

By placing a Biolectric biogas installation your farm, this waste and its CH4 emission are converted into green energy and heat, which can be used on the farm. The installation of the Biolectric UK system is quick, automated, needs no supervision and the residual manure can be used as fertiliser.

Biolectric Equipment
It Pays Off

You receive all of the heat and the electricity to use on the farm and in your houses so no more fuel bills! Depending on how it is funded the Biolectric machine can be fully installed, maintained and insured at no cost to you or you can receive RHI and FIT payments once energy has been exported to the national grid.

Biolectric Farm free electricity
You Help

As part of the government’s strategy to achieve ambitious targets to reduce the UK's greenhouse emissions, they are offering dairy farmers the funding to become completely off grid, removing all energy bills and reducing the carbon footprint of their farm by investing in a new Biolectric UK Micro AD technology.