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Saving Energy Group operate as an intermediary between the Energy Consumer, and the Energy solutions provider which enables us to provide well informed, impartial advice. 

Saving Energy Group know the value of our network, and the importance of a having a wide grasp as to all the energy funding streams available. We strive to find our customers the best solution, whether this is the best price or the best quality. Ultimately we are here to provide the best service to our customers!

Saving Energy Group is an authorised reseller of the Biolectric Micro AD digesters system in the UK.

Saving Energy Group concerns itself with the correct allocation of pre-paid energy efficiency funds for the installation of Biolectric Micro AD machines onto farms as well as other energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses.

Biolectric was founded in Belgium in 2011 by Philippe Jans, Jonathan Schrauwen, Jan Palmaers. The idea originated in 2009. Philippe Jans attempted to improve upon the large Anaerobic Digestion installations that had been received with a mixed reception by the farming industry. He developed a smaller more efficient unit that worked on cow's slurry not "grown-to-rot" crops.

In the following three years, various patented technical advances ensured that the Biolectric technology became more reliable and significantly reduced the labour required from the farmer dramatically.
The product has now been fully tested and its output is guaranteed. Biolectric have won a variety of international agricultural and environmental awards. 

Biolectric UK install and maintain the Biolectric digesters that create green energy for your farm using your farm's manure in the UK.