Biolectric Steals the Show at Energy Now Expo

Free Electricity for Farms Energy Now ExpoJohn Gooch, Managing Director of the Saving Energy Group was delighted with the level of interest shown in the new Biolectric Micro AD units at the Energy Now Expo 2017 last week.
Biolectric, a Belgian company, have developed existing technology which enables methane gas to be collected from using only cows slurry, a waste product, with incredible results.
Gooch said “There are over 150 Biolectric plants operating across Europe and the technology within the plant is not new it is just repurposed. Gas turbines, which have stood the test of time, and a standard AD process to produce biomethane which is then filtered. The plant is designed to be as robust and simple as possible to maximise efficiency and lifespan.”
The outputs of the Biolectric Micro AD units are each individually recorded and fed back remotely to the Biolectric HQ in Belgium. The energy production of the top five units are published on the Biolectric website.
Saving Energy Group have investigated how the output of the Biolectric Unit can benefit dairy farmers when coupled with the latest Feed in Tariffs and UK energy prices are factored in to the equation.
The data shows that UK dairy farmers can expect between 18% - 26% return on investment depending upon the size of the machine purchased. The smaller 22KW machine which is suitable for smaller herds of about 110-150 cows costs £190,000 and can generate savings / income of £35,000 pa or 18%. The largest units suitable for herds over 250 and over cost £292,000 and achieve returns of £76,000 or 26%.
Energy Now Expo 2017Gooch added “These figures caught the eye of a large Dutch Co-Operative which have now entered into a contract to purchase over 500 Biolectric plants up to 2020. That decision was made after 2 years of trials and testing.
Since each farm is different, it requires a specialist to calculate a more precise return on investment in each situation. Saving Energy Group have teamed up with leading independent farming consultants to help dairy farmers make an informed choice to see if Biolectric is right for their farms.”
For more information about the Biolectric system, and to see if your farm is eligible please visit our qualifying pages to register you interest.”